A New Certification is Needed!

Afro-centric hair is perhaps the most unique and versatile hair of any group! A critical issue in choosing to go natural is knowing what products fit the various types of unique coils and curls. Yet the very people who are born with it, style it, care for it and love it do not have access relative to product decisions. This can be said for retail buying, to grooming products supplied at hospitals and other facilities. LET'S CHANGE THIS! If you agree, please complete the form. Making the Case: A CrownAct Government Certification can ensure: (1.)That hair grooming products (combs, wet goods and caps etc...) meet basic requirements for Afro-Centric hair when grooming products are customarily issued at a facility. (2. ) Set aside opportunities are created for minority businesses that produce and or design hair grooming products to ensure relevant offerings and business opportunities are fulfilled . Currently there is a disparity relative to black owned products having access to opportunities throughout the market place. This has fostered an unfair environment where the unique decisions on what is offered for Afro-centric grooming on all levels, are often made by non Afro-centric decision makers .

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Creating access and fairness in the business of Afro-centric hair care!

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