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Hair Bias Hurts Us All

The societal norms and corporate grooming policies that unfairly impact Black women create distractions that impact our whole society. We know diversity has a positive impact on a company’s bottom line. Corporations refusing to hire, firing, or refusing to promote a Black woman because of her Protective Hairstyle not only destabilizes individual households but impacts the broader economy as the workforce boasts more working women than ever.[1]

In 2019 Black women still remain pressured to conform to Eurocentric standards of appearance. Black women report receiving formal grooming policies at a rate significantly higher than White women. Natural hairstyles inherent to Black identity such as locks, braids, bantu knots, etc. are ranked the lowest for ‘job readiness.’

We can see a world where we are all valued for who we are, a world where we express our individuality without any concern. No woman should ever be “judged” or held back by her appearance.


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