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Jennipher Adkins, Founder and President



Jennipher is recognized among many in the retail ethnic hair care category as a leader for innovative design in the head garment category. Jennipher founded the brand “Jenny-Capp” and  began selling her creations locally in 1991 in Oakland, CA. She received her first United States Utility Patent on her version of the satin bonnet in 1995, which has influenced how bonnets are made today. She officially launched the Jenny Capp collection in 1998, gaining national distribution in mass retail and began off shore production in China.

Today, Jenny Capp and newest line, Roxx Hair, a sports and active wear line, comprises of an array of head garments and accessories that uniquely meet the needs of multiple hair styles for various occasions. She has also added to Jenny-Capp, that now features over twenty designs. As a customer, she personally creates products having comfort, function and style. Her designs utilize light weight, breathable fabrics that maintain edges and healthy hair while offering design details and style.

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Charmin Edwards, Co-Founder



Charmin has mastered the art of perseverance through her life’s journey. She opened the first Ulta like store in the 80s and then launched her first cosmetic invention on QVC in 1988. She then operated her own lucrative beauty salon in Louisiana in 1989 until it was all destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, then moved to Chicago and launched Rocyalox, a unique hair accessory for all types of hair that promotes healthy hair care.

Charmin created Rocyalox after searching and finding nothing that would properly hold her hair. She tried everything even ribbons. One day while washing her car the ribbon slid out and the only thing available was her car charger. The coils gently wrapped around her braids and she knew she had a winner for ALL hair types, especially curly and braided hair. There has never been anything on the market for natural hair which has made Rocyalox the perfect hair accessory for afro puffs, pigtails and ponytails. 

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